Space To Scale

Project Overview

Coworking spaces are for freelance creatives. Not 9 to 5-ers. They’re for parking your butt at a desk and designing, coding, or blogging. Or are they? WeWork is one of the most valuable startups in the world, but most people think, WeWork = coworking. Their vision and potential is so much more, and their success has larger businesses paying attention. WeWork gives larger organizations the amenities a new generation of workers expect, and more than enough space to scale. We partnered with WeWork to develop a campaign to connect with the C-suite and help them reimagine their workspace.

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Scale For The Future

Work is changing. We hear that a lot. Like, every-other-Forbes-article a lot. “The Future of Work” is already old news. But, there’s some truth to it. Because it’s not just how we work that’s changing, but where and why. And we’re learning that space matters. It’s how you collaborate, how you appear to clients, how you engage employees — it all shapes the culture and success of your company. WeWork builds structures that build communities; handles scheduling, plans events, creates virtual networks, fosters personal connections and offers a wide range of opportunities for its members.

Changing Perceptions About Work

We helped redefine how people see WeWork and let them discover they can make it their own. Grizzly developed a library of flexible messaging, infused with WeWork’s core principles. This meant writing copy for individual personas in the C-suite, and connecting it with design for materials that spanned direct mail, digital media and out-of-home ads.

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