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Project Overview

Design Forward is a conference and community initiative started by the UCSD Design Lab and Dr. Don Norman in 2016 to position San Diego as a global design city. Grizzly partnered with the Design Lab to design the initial identity, conference collateral, and to contribute to the conference strategy and production of video content with several global design thought-leaders.

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Brand Strategy

We contributed to event strategy and experience and connected the Design Lab team to design influencers in San Diego that could contribute to the Design Forward’s success. Grizzly also participated in content efforts ahead of the conference and helped define areas of programming.

Identity Design

The identity system for Design Forward needed to be flexible, extensible, and reflect the aspirations of the conference and the community the Design Lab was building around this concept. We worked with the team at UCSD to design a logo and identity system that would translate to an immersive branded experience at the conference, marketing initiatives, and the Design Forward Alliance.

Collateral Design

From banners to badges and everything in between, our team built an entire suite of signage and event collateral for the inaugural Design Forward Conference. It was imperative that, as a design conference, that the conference identity represented itself throughout the experience. The initial collateral built a strong foundation and brand recognition for years to come.

Video Production

Our team produced two videos of the event for UCSD and captured photography at the conference. One of the videos captures the spirit of the event and mission behind UCSD’s mission to establish San Diego as a “design forward” city. We also produced a longer mini-documentary through conference footage and captivating interviews with global design thought-leaders that tells the story of design, practitioners personal journey toward a career in design, and its role in society and the future of San Diego.

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