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Project Overview

Scripps Research is the most influential basic research and translational science institute in the world. In recent years, they’ve evolved under new leadership, mergers and affiliations that expanded their capabilities from basic research to drug discovery and development, and clinical trial funding. However, their brand identity hadn’t been updated since 1993, and their messaging no longer reflected who they are. We partnered with Scripps to build an enduring brand that inspires people to be part of its profound global health innovations.

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The loop represents the infinite pursuit of human health, the human-focused science in the helical form, and the duality of the nature of the work performed here. There is an inherent duality to the mission, drive, and culture of Scripps Research that sets it apart. This duality is represented by the two sides of the logo. Always in flux, never one without the other.


For the Scripps Research brand, we start with what colors best represent Science. Can any one palette embody such a grand subject? Science does not have just one color palette; Science is the embodiment of all color palettes.

But how do you represent a range of colors, and still communicate specific identity? We look to science to see how color manifests itself in the known universe, as well as to what makes Scripps Research so unique: its special circuitry for Translational Science. A to B, One to Another, Molecule to Man, Focused Research to Global Impact.

Identity lives in translation. The visual representation of this is The Spectrum. We expressed the range of scientific discovery at Scripps Research through a system of spectrums, building a visual language that was broad and scalable for each of their institutions.

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