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Project Overview

Microsoft, one of the world's most valuable companies, is going through tremendous internal change. As they reshape the company for the future, brand needs to play an integral part. As one of Microsoft’s preferred partners for brand projects, we helped to bring together three separate product teams under one organization with a shared vision for what they can accomplish together.

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Microsoft’s shift towards a more people-focused approach to their products brought together three of their core organizations in effort to create a better end to end experience for their users. To best tell each team’s unique story, we worked to understand what drives their passion for Microsoft and the products they deliver through brand workshops, one-on-one interviews, and design exploration with the goal of creating a brand narrative and identity that truly represents their goals and objectives as a new team.

Teams win together when they have a shared purpose, trust, and communication. The Windows Engagement team needed a new, creative way to tell their story and the vision for the future of Microsoft’s relationship culture. Our teams worked collaboratively to bring this story to life through concept development, storyboards, character designer, and animation.

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