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Project Overview

Every Day Magic is a studio at Microsoft building products that will change the world in a tangible, meaningful way. Storytelling is at the heart of everything they do, and even their name is reflective of that philosophy: Every Day is the people; Magic is the boundless possibility of technology.

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Brand Workshop

We invited key voices from EDM to a brand workshop for participation in activities that revealed their personality, core values, and aesthetic, and allowed our teams to align on the project. We took away these three key truths, and adopted them as pillars for the new brand.

Simple Shapes at Play

Simplicity is a key to inclusivity. It removes complicated barriers to entry and prerequisites for understanding. We started exploring the Every Day Magic identity with flat, basic shapes like squares, circles, and triangles. Our team was able to explore simple concepts and engage in creative play.

The Birth of Eddy

We took simple shapes and transformed them into dozens of different creatures and objects. From those, we focused our attention on a little white rabbit, who we named Eddy.

Introducing a Playful New Brand

We helped Every Day Magic bring their new brand mark to life through a series of stylized, live-action, animated video bumpers. We 3D printed Eddy, and explored a variety of situations to introduce him to the viewer. The results were exciting, playful and immersive.

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